Unit 1 completed.

I started doing my Level 2 Counselling course about 4 weeks ago now.

I have been doing this course while dealing with some of my demons but by me doing this course I have learnt so much about myself and have found multiple roots of what causes me to go down hill, and I have been able to deal with them as I have made my way through the first unit.

Today I completed the first unit and passed with flying colours as was able to use alot of my own experiences and skills that I have used for myself and apply that to the course which has been very uplifting and there has been alot I have found out about becoming counsellor that I have already been doing without realising I have.

I am also 3/4 of the way through my second unit already (which is due Feburary) and have found it quite easy to write about skills and techniques, but what I have found hard to write about was my own experiences, with my own mental health, but with doing so I have been able to deal with afew of the demons that I have been dealing with over the last few months.

I am feeling a small sense of pride at the minute with doing this course and it is something I am looking forward to completing and seeing this journey through till the end, as I would like to become a fully qualified counsellor/psychologist.

As I am taking this journey I am learning a lot about myself and my own thought and feeling process, and how my life experiences are going to be able to help others because I can empathise with the people I will interact with, and be able to listen, without judgement.

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