Unit 2 completed

Today I finished my second unit and submitted it.

Today I am having a good day and thought I would crack on with my second unit and not only did I start it but I also finshed it too.

It has taken me about 6 weeks to complete it all but I am glad I have because not only I have learned a lot with doing the counselling curse but I also have a new found respect for them and what they have to deal with and how strong minded they must be.

The reason I say that is because I have not had a good year last year with my mental health and to do a course on top of dealing with it, has given me something to focus on but also to help me find my own path of how to deal with everything.

I seeked out professional help to help me the tough parts that I could not deal with on my own and also I needed it because of how low I was getting.

Since have finsihed doing this course I can not wait to actually take this journey and become a counsellor myself one day. Just need to be more mind strong and control how I look at things and how they make me feel instead of letting them control me.

Yes this is all easy but it also easier said than done too but I am taking one day at a time in hope that I will one day be a counsellor.

I will blog about this journey I am taking and the ups and downs I will or will not have along the way, because everything has their hiccups and I am not going to be any exception to that.

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