Zoning out.

I am finding myself looking at things but not really paying attention to them.

As I am sat here staring at this screen, I have realised that I have been staring at it for a long period of time but nothing actually registering with myself that I am supposed to typing, and as I am staring my eyes sort of made dancing moves and patterns.

It was really weird to see but yet I could not stop watching these patterns form before me on the screen, It was just a blank white backgroud as I had just opened this up on my laptop to write a blog and my vision just went all blurry and then these patterns appeared and I was just sat there watching them.

It felt like only a few seconds I was sat there watchign but it was actually 3 and half hours later that I came out of this state and I was like where am I? What was I doing? And there is the cursor just blinking at me waiting to start typing.

I can not tell you why, or what caused me to go into that state but it was so mesmerising that when I came to I was sad and disorientated, and thought I would type about this experience instead.

I often get episodes like this on a daily basis, where I would just drift off to somewhere or be focused on something and completely zone out the world and I can not hear anything nor can I see anything, everything is just, well quite and so, it is hard to discribe the feeling but I know I am at peace with myself.

It is when I come back into reality that everything seems so busy and loud, but it all comes crashing together and makes me jump and feel like I have jumped at high speed.

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